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187,99 EUR*
Details Social Networking Communities and E-Dating Services: Concepts and Implications (Premier Reference Source)

Social Networking Communities and e-Dating Services Presents research in the field of social networking communities and e-dating services.

52,39 EUR*
Details Social Mix and the City: Challenging the Mixed Communities Consensus in Housing and Urban Planning Policies

Social Mix and the City Concern about rising crime rates, high levels of unemployment and anti-social behavior of youth gangs within particular urban neighborhoods has reinvigorated public and community debate into just what makes a functional ...

80,24 EUR*
Details Community Computing and Support Systems: Social Interaction in Networked Communities (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

Community Computing and Support Systems The widespread use of global networks like the Internet and mobile computing have made worldwide computing over virtual communities a reality. This is the first book devoted to community computing. It is based ...

88,31 EUR*
Details Mixed Communities: Gentrification by Stealth?

Mixed Communities This book draws together a range of case studies by international experts to assess the impacts of social mix policies and the degree to which they might represent gentrification by stealth. Full description

30,99 EUR*
Details Social Memory and History: Anthropological Perspectives

Social Memory and History An examination of social memory developed within communities from the perspective of anthropology. Many case studies from around the world. Full description

24,37 EUR*
Details Social Studies Through the Year: Primary

Weekly themes are based on popular social studies topics such as self, friends, food, clothing, homes, families, communities, maps, holidays, patriotism, explorers, inventors, national leaders, early Americans, and Native Americans. The ready-to-use ...

44,50 EUR*
Details Music For Social Change (Books About Music): Music for Social Change

El Sistema means 'The System', and since its inception 40 years ago, it has revolutionised music education in communities of different socio-economic backgrounds internationally. This collection of essays, edited by Christine Witkowski, illustrates ...

61,09 EUR*
Details The Social Economics of Poverty (Priorities in Development Economics)

Social Economics of Poverty This title presents an analysis of the moral and social dimensions of microeconomic behaviour, questioning the application of standard neo-classical assumptions to communities with widespread disparity of income. Full ...

33,79 EUR*
Details The First Christians in Their Social Worlds: Social-scientific approaches to New Testament Interpretation

First Christians in Their Social Worlds An examination of how the New Testament was influenced by the social realities of the early Christian communities for whom the books were wtitten. It reveals an intimate connection between society and Gospel ...

30,49 EUR*
Details Remaking a World: Violence, Social Suffering, and Recovery

Remaking a World This third volume on social suffering, violence and recovery explores the ways communities "cope" with traumatic and other more insidious forms of violence, addressing the effects of violence at the level of local worlds ...

22,50 EUR*
Details Context-Aware Mobile Computing: Affordances of Space, Social Awareness, and Social Influence (Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics)

Context-Aware Mobile Computing The integration of ubiquitous mobile computing resources into physical spaces can potentially affect the development, maintenance, and transformation of communities and social interactions and relations within a ...

32,09 EUR*
Details Collective Action for Social Change: An Introduction to Community Organizing

Community organizers build solidarity and collective power in fractured communities. They help ordinary people turn their private pain into public action, releasing hidden capacities for leadership and strategy. In Collective Action for Social Change ...

67,38 EUR*
Details Sustaining Our Social and Natural Captial: Proceedings of the 12th Anzsys Conference

Sustaining Our Social and Natural Captial The ANZSYS conference was an opportunity for practitioners from broad ranging traditions to share their experiences regarding integrative and innovative approaches that can make a difference to communities and ...

29,95 EUR*
Details Supporting Transgender and Gender Creative Youth: Schools, Families, and Communities in Action (Gender and Sexualities in Education)

'Supporting Transgender and Gender Creative Youth' brings together cuttingedge research, social action methods, and theory on the topic of transgender youth and gender creative children. Organized in three sections covering theoretical and clinical ...

37,71 EUR*
Details Margins of Faith: Dalit and Tribal Christianity in India

Margins of Faith Documents the ethnographies of regionally distinct Dalit and tribal Christian communities, raising new arguments pertaining to the autonomy and distinct identity of these communities in adverse social set-ups. Full description

44,02 EUR*
Details Case Studies in Sport Development: Contemporary Stories Promoting Health, Peace & Social Justice

Sport is more than competition and the opportunity to become physically fit. Sport and physical activity offer opportunities for people and communities to forge improved relations. Case Studies in Sport Development: Contemporary Stories Promoting ...

18,82 EUR*
Details Greywater Use in the Middle East: Technical, Social, Economic and Policy Issues

In water-scarce areas of the Middle East, greywater (household wastewater excluding toilet waste) is commonly used by poor communities to irrigate home gardens. This both supplements the water available to the household and improves food security ...

131,70 EUR*
Details Building Bridges from High Poverty Communities, to Schools, to Productive Citizenship: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Poverty through Exceptional Educational Leadership (Education Management)

More than 20% of all children in the United States live in poverty. This is particularly troubling given the associated risks of poverty to children's social, emotional, and behavioral well-being; risks that have the potential to negatively impact ...